Technical Analysis - Part 2


This eCourse consists of two modules. Module 1 focuses on the crucial role of risk management in limiting oversized trading losses. Other key trading strategies such as automated trading and high frequency trading are also examined in detail.

Module 2 looks at the key techniques used in trend-following strategies, including moving averages, continuation patterns, gaps, and Ichimoku charts.


On completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Recognize how stop-loss orders and position sizing are used to contain potential trading losses
- Identify key algorithmic trading strategies and how they are used to overcome trader biases
- Recognize the role of moving averages in determining price trends
- Identify continuation patterns such as wedges, triangles, and pennants
- Recognize the role of gap patterns in identifying one-sided buying or selling
- Determine support, resistance and trend signals using Ichimoku charts

Content Highlight

Module 1: Technical Analysis – Other Strategies
Topic 1: Risk Management
Topic 2: Algorithmic Trading & Backtesting
Topic 3: Trend Lines & Trend Channels

Module 2: Technical Analysis – Trend-Following Strategies
Topic 1: Moving Averages
Topic 2: Continuation Patterns
Topic 3: Gaps
Topic 4: Ichimoku Charts

Administrative Details

Relevant Subject
Type 1 - Dealing in securities
Type 4 - Advising on securities
Type 9 - Asset management
SFC:1.50, PWMA:1.50
All Member: HKD460
Non-Member: HKD665
Staff of Corporate Member: HKD460