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Consumer Banking - Part 1 (2021)


This eCourse consists of two modules on consumer banking products.

Consumer/retail credit products come in multiple guises, from short-term facilities such as overdrafts to much longer-term financing in the form of mortgages. The various forms of financing are distinguished not just by term but also by features such as whether the credit facility comes with security (collateral) attached.

Module 1 describes the major credit product lines and the typical stages of the lending cycle.

Module 2 describes the various noncredit products that consumer banking businesses offer their customers.


On completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Recognise that financial institutions offer many loan types
- List the different short-term lending facilities typically available
- Name some of the more common term loans
- Identify a mortgage and how it can differ to most other loans
- Define a lease
- List the various stages of the lending cycle
- Identify and manage problem loans
- Define a checking/current account
- List the typical savings & investments products
- Identify the different payment methods
- Recognise how revenue is earned in currency exchange services
- List the different insurance products
- Define Islamic banking

Content Highlight

Module 1: Consumer Banking Products – Credit
Topic 1: Consumer Credit Overview
Topic 2: Short-Term Facilities
Topic 3: Term Loans
Topic 4: Mortgages & Other Home Loans
Topic 5: Lease-Type Financing
Topic 6: The Lending Cycle
Topic 7: Problem Credit Management

Module 2: Consumer Banking Products – Noncredit
Topic 1: Checking/Current Accounts
Topic 2: Savings & Investments
Topic 3: Payments
Topic 4: Foreign Exchange
Topic 5: Insurance
Topic 6: Product Bundles
Topic 7: Islamic Banking

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