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Trust Training Certificate (TTC) Part B Stream 2 Training, Revision Session and Examination (5th Cohort) [Package]


This is the package of Trust Training Certificate (“TTC”) Part B Stream 2 training and TTC Part B examination.

The TTC Part B Stream 2 consists of the following units:
Unit 11: International Taxation – Part 1
Unit 17: Trusts and Issues for PRC Nationals
Unit 18: Trusts for Security Arrangements, Commercial and Employee Benefit Needs
Unit 19: Collective Investment Schemes – Part 1 Private Arrangements
Unit 20: Collective Investment Schemes – Part 2 Public Offering Arrangements
Unit 21: Hong Kong Mandatory Retirement Schemes Trusts - MPF
Unit 22: Hong Kong Private Retirement Schemes Trusts - ORSO
Revision session: Optional for candidates who have registered into the examination.

For details of each unit, please refer to its respective course page.

For TTC Part B Examination details, please refer to

Who Should Attend

It is primarily targeted to TTC candidates who wish to take the TTC Part B Stream 2 Examination.

Administrative Details

SFC:21.00, PWMA:21.00, HKTA:21.00