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Practice Questions for Licensing Examination (LE) Paper 8


The practice questions were developed with the aim to help learners get familiarised with the examination question structure after learning or refreshing the subject / topics covered in the syllabus of Licensing Examination (LE) Paper 8. It also helps learners identify the areas that they should pay more attention to when they prepare for the examination.

The practice questions for other LE Papers are also available for enrolment: 

Practice question for LE Paper 1 (English, Traditional Chinese)

Practice question for LE Paper 7 (English, Traditional Chinese)

If you enrol in the Practice Questions for LE Paper 1, you will receive two HKD20 eCredit (total value: HKD40) within a week after enrolment. You can redeem the two eCredits for enrolling in the Practice Questions for LE Paper 7 and LE Paper 8 at a special price. For enquiries, please contact us via email ([email protected]) or tel. on 3120 6100.   


By completing the practice questions, you will:
- get familiarised with the examination question structure
- identify the areas to pay more attention when preparing for the examination

Content Highlight

The practice questions cover all the six topics in LE Paper 8 syllabus.

- Unlimited attempts within 30 days after enrolment
- Each attempt - 40 questions to complete within 60 minutes limit
- All practice questions provide relevant reference to the study manual

Note: Questions are based on LE Paper 8 Study Manual v3.3 content.

Who Should Attend

This is relevant to those who are interested in practice answering LE Paper 8 questions.

Administrative Details

Relevant Subject
All Member: HKD200
Non-Member: HKD400
Staff of Corporate Member: HKD200