Life of a Trade - Part 2


This tutorial focuses on activities that occur pre-trade. It describes the client onboarding process. The tutorial also explores various aspects of pre-trade planning, including client motivations for trading, view formation, transaction cost analysis, and pre-trade risk controls. This tutorial explores trade execution, describing how execution systems work in practice and the process of order creation, order routing, and trade execution. The tutorial explains the variety of execution orders.


On completion of this tutorial, you will be able to:
- Recognise the importance of the client onboarding process that an institution must go through before accepting a new client
- Identify other pre-trade activities that an institution must undertake before trading
- Recognise the difference between quote-driven and order-driven markets, and the various types of order that can be placed in order-driven markets
- Identify how trades are created, routed, and executed

Content Highlight

Module 1: Life of a Trade - Pre-Trade
Topic 1: Client Onboarding
Topic 2: Pre-Trade Planning

Module 2: Life of a Trade - Execution
Topic 1: Trade Execution Systems
Topic 2: Order Creation, Order Routing, & Trade Execution

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